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Sodium Lignosulphonate


Appearance                             Yellow brown powder

Water                                     8.0% Max.

Reduction Substance               12.0% Max.

Water Insoluble                        2.5% Max.

CaSO4                                  3.0% Max.

pH Value                                9.5-11.5

Water Reducing Rate                8.0% Min. (at 20 ºC)



Main usages :


1)      It can be used as dispersing and reducing agent in dyestuff industry and as acid dyestuff diluent.

2)      It can be used as an additive in concrete and is superior then the ability of calcium Lignosulphonate, therefore is suitable for such critical project as culverts, dikes and dames and highways.

3)      It can be used as for blocking water agent for geological and oil drilling and consolidating agent for well wall.

4)      In agriculture, it can be used as dispersing agent and multi-valence chelating agent for wettable pesticide.

5)      In chemical industry, it can be used as expanding agent and stuffing for the negative electrode. It can be used in electroplating and electrolysis to make plation even without the formation of treelike pattern. It is used as cleaning agent for boiler.

6)      In metallurgy and mining it is used as high flotation agent. 




1)      This product is surface active agent with high molecular weight, high dispersing ability and able to exchange metal ions. Its molecular weight is around 10,000-100,000.

2)      This product is very soluble in water, it can be made to any consistence solution.

3)      It has extremely high chemical stability, dispersing various dyestuff with stronger suitability, well sand effect, temperature stability and good color intensity.