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Lignosulfonate Salts Powder (Magnesium Lignosulfonate)

Appearance                             Yellowish Brown Powder 

Purity                                    55% Min.

Reduction Sugar                      12% Max.

Water Insoluble                       1.5% Max.

Moisture                          9% Max.

pH Value                                5-6


Magnesium Lignosulfonate is a chemical of comprehensive utilization in pulp and paper production. Using pulping red liquor as the main raw material, the product is produced by the procedures of purification, evaporation, chemical treatment and drying. The product has the functions of water reducing, strengthening and set retarding etc.


It is suitable for case-in-situ and prefabricated concrete engineering of water conservancy, port, transportation, industrial and civil construction with the effects of saving cement, improving concrete construction performance, reducing cement early hydration heat and upgrading concrete quality. The recommended dosage is 0.2-0.3% based on the cement.


Magnesium Lignosulfonate can be directly used in concrete as a common water reducing agent. It can also be used together with high efficient water reducing agents such as naphthalene series and melamine series water reducing agent. It is a raw material with good performance to price ratio for producing set retarding water reducing agent and set retarding pumping agent. It can be used widely as adhesive, strengthening agent and water shutoff agent in smelting, ceramic and petroleum industries.