Glucose (Oral)


Specific Optical Rotation                 +52.0° ~ +53.5°

Distinguish                                       Positive

Acidity                                            1.2 ml Max.

Chloride                                          0.02% Max.

Sulphate                                          0.02% Max.

Insoluble in Alcohol                         5 mg/g Max.

Sulphate & Solubility Starch           Pass

Loss on Drying                                9.5% Max.

Residue by Burning                  0.2% Max.

Fe                                                   0.002% Max.

Pb                                                   0.002% Max.

As                                                   0.0002% Max.


Hygienic           Germ                       1000/g Max.

                        Mold                       100/g Max.

                        Colon Bacillus         None



Glucose (Liquid)


Appearance                                     Viscous and transparent liquid, no impurity by naked eyes

Odor                                               Have a special sweet smell of this goods

Taste                                                Sweet medium and pure, no peculiar smell

Color                                              Colorless


Dry solids                                        85 % Min.

DE Value                                         45-52 %

pH Value                                         4.0-6.0

Maltose                                           50 % Min.

Boiling Point                                    155 ºC Min.

Transparency                                   96 % Min.

Sulphated Ash                                 0.4 % Max.


Remarks : concentration and DE value can be adjusted according to client’s request


Pb                                                   0.5 mg/kg Max.

As                                                   0.5 mg/kg Max.

SO2                                                200 mg/kg Max.

Bacterial Population                         1500 per kg Max.

Coliform Bacilli                                30/100g Max.

Salmonella                                       Negative