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Chrome Lignosulphonate


Appearance                             Blackish brown powder

Cr Complex                            75.0% Min.

Total Cr                                   3.8 % Min.

Water                                     8.5% Max.

Water Insoluble                        2.5% Max.

CaSO4                                  3.0% Max.


Main usages :


Chrome Lignosulphonate is a special thinner used in drilling fluids. It has the character is ties of anti-high temperature, anti-electrolytes etc. It is suitable to the conditions of complex geologic and high ore content in drilling deep well.


Mud Performance:


1)      Anti-high temperture, 150-160 ºC, 16 hours its mud performance keep constant.

2)      Anti-electrolytes, in 2% salt water, its mud performance is better than Ferro Chrome Lignosulfonate.

3)      In the same mud, its dilution performance is better the Ferro Chrome Lignosulfonate.

4)      With excellent thinning performance and filtration control capacity and powerful anti-electrolytes. It is suitable to all kinds of muds.



Chrome Lignouslphonate may be added into drilling fluids cither in the form of solution or powder. pH : 10.0-10.5, as a thinner 0.5-1%.