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Calcium Lignosulphonate


Appearance                             Yellow brown powder

Calcium Lignosulphonate         60% Min.

Reduction Substance               13% Max.

Water Insoluble                        1.5% Max.

Water                                      9% Max.

pH Value                                4-6

Fluidity of cement paste           150 mm Min.

                                                (Water cement ratio 0.35 with 0.25% MG)


Main usages :


1)      Is recommended for use in all concrete of architecture with these special qualities : Reducing-set, Air-entraining & Water-reducing. Therefore, concrete will increase its strength, reduce permeability and save cement.

2)      Can be used as adhesive material, widely used in refractory, tile and ceramic binder, also used in extrusion animal feed.

3)      Can be used as dispersing material, widely used for oil well drilling mud dispersants, dye dispersants and aqueous suspensions of finely divided solids must be handled. 


Main characteristics of using as cement additive :


1)      Save approximate 10% cement when the concrete strength and slump constant are the same of plain concrete. One ton of Calcium Lignosulphonate admixture can save 30-40 tons cement.

2)      Water reducing rate will raise bout 10% when us the concrete strength and slump constant are the same of plain concrete. The strengthen of concrete will be increased about 15% after 3-7 days, the final strength of concrete will be also improved.

3)      The slump constant of concrete increased from 3-5cm to 8-18 cm. Obviously improves segregation, bleeding, cohesion, workability of the concrete and made it easy to pump.

4)      When the addition of Calcium Lignosulphonate admixture is 0.25%, the entrained air to concrete will increase 2-3%. When the admixture is 0.3-0.5%, the entrained air in concrete will increase 4-5%. It improves permeability and durability of freeze and thaw action.

5)      It has the function of retarding-set and decreasing the heat evolution during hydration in the initial period. The initial set time is prolong 3 hours and the final set time is prolonged 2-8 hours, the peak of hydration heat is postponed more than 5 hours.

6)      There is no harmful effect or corrosion to the steel bar.

7)      Cab be used together with accelerating set, or super water reducing admixture.